Overdrive Comil to Bin Flexible Enclosure System

The two-tier stainless steel portable frame supports upper and lower flexible enclosures for charging and dispensing from an Overdrive Comil. The design incorporates dynamic negative air flow using a RheoFan unit with HEPA filters. This negative air flow provides containment protection from possible breeches during processing as well as reduces the amount of powders inside the contained areas.

The upper contained area is provided with a Bag-in/Bag-out (BIBO) kit for contained introduction and removal of powders to be processed and waste materials to be removed after use.

The lower contained area is provided with a gas-tight zippered door for introduction and removal of bins to be charged from the mill.

Both upper and lower flexible enclosures are provided with multiple glove sleeves for ease of operation and misting wands for cleaning and misting of equipment and enclosure before removal to minimize airborne particulate.