Drum Filling Station

The Rheo Drum Filling Station is designed to facilitate the efficient filling of drums to an accurate weight. After the target weight is achieved, the system automatically stops the material transfer and notifies the operator. An optional label printer can be integrated to print the required product information and filled weight on an adhesive label to be applied to the drum after filling.

This model of the Drum Filling Station is mobile and features a compensator to connect to overhead chutes, a screw feeder to ensure accurate material transfer into the drums within 5 grams of the target weight, and a continuous liner cartridge to provide containment through numerous drum changeouts. An integrated manual turn-table allows the drum liner to be twisted shut so the operator can easily cut-and-crimp the liner. This Drum Filling Station and label printer were both designed for use in a Class 1 Division II and Class 2 Division II environment.