Material Transfer Station

The Rheo Material Transfer Station is a small footprint workstation that improves operator safety and efficiency during the material transfer and weighing process. The operator workstation with the integrated drum tipper provides a compact, GMP, ergonomic means of transferring material.

The Drum to Bag/Bottle configuration is used to transfer materials from drums into bags or bottles in order to repackage the material into a more GMP or usable container or to pre-weigh a material kit using the integrated scale. The newly packaged bags/bottles can then be transported to a manufacturing space for batch processing.

The Material Transfer Station with Flexible Glovebag Containment is designed for highly contained, closed transfers for highly toxic products and APIs. Containment levels of 5-0.01 µg/m3 can be achieved via the integrated flexible isolator system.

Configure Your Design

Visit the Rheo Engineering website to configure your Material Transfer Station. There are many containment and process options.

Common Applications

  • Weigh and Dispense
  • Repackaging
  • Sampling
  • Charge Pot Filling