The RheoCrimp is an easy to use crimp with a wide, wrap-around design that achieves a tight cinch.

  • 50 RheoCrimps per package
  • Wide-Range Crimp Capability
  • Dual-Tie Design
  • Easy Alignment Cut-Notch for Cutting Operation

[Part #4001353]

RheoCrimp Case

RheoCrimp Kit

The RheoCrimp Kit includes the complete starter kit for the crimping and cut process. This starter kit comes in a high-quality carrying case and includes:

  • Cable -Tie Tensioner
  • 50 RheoCrimps
  • 50 Zip Ties
  • Roll of GMP Tape
  • Cutting Shears for cutting between Cable-Ties

[Part #4000466]

RheoCrimp Case_Open
RheoCrimp Case_Open1
RheoCrimp Case