Sampling Isolators

Most incoming material is inspected for quality and material verification. This typically requires access to the contents of the incoming raw material container. This can present safety risks as the operator may come into contact with hazardous powders that can exceed allowable OELs. The Rheo Sampling Isolator with the height adjustable cart provides an excellent containment solution for this process.

Portable Sampling Workstation

Rheo offers a Portable Sampling Workstation specifically designed for the sampling operation using the Rheo Sampling Isolator. This station is portable and can be equipped with a manual, pneumatic, or electric lift option.

Negative Pressure Option

The Sampling Isolator can be equipped to connect to our portable Air Filtration Unit to supply a negative pressure isolator. This configuration will achieve better containment performance and is equipped with a pressure indicator so the operator knows the isolator conditions at all times.


Many accessories can be provided with our isolators to create a complete high containment system, some of these accessories include:

  • Containment Belts
  • Gloves
  • Clamps
  • Chutes
  • O-Rings

Film Collage

RheoFlex™ Film

Rheo isolators are constructed from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (with a non-migratory anti-stat) that has been tested and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. These films are available in both matte and clear finish and come with a full documentation package tied to the labeled part number.

Testing Center

Rheo is able to do full mock-ups as well as containment performance verification in our Rheo Testing Center. Partner with our engineering team and we can produce a prototype system for your application and verify performance to build confidence in the implementation phase.

Rheo Testing Center