Rheo Packout System (CL)

Packout Station

The Rheo Packout Station is designed to facilitate the efficient filling of drums to an accurate weight. After the target weight is achieved, the system automatically stops the material transfer and notifies the operator.

The station offers a high containment, continuous liner solution for safely packing off powder into drums.

Automated Dosing

For systems that include the integrated weighing module, Rheo offers an automated dosing control system that uses the gain in weight feedback signal from the weighing system to control the on-board dosing device. This allows the operator to automatically pack-off to a particular weigh set-point. Rheo offers several configurations of the automated pack-out station.



Integrated Weighing

Integrated weighing allows the operator to check the final weight of the packed-off drum . This weight reading can then be sent to an on-board label printer if that option is selected.

Contained Sampling

The Rheo Packout Station can be equipped with a closed sampling device to pull product samples from the powder stream.

Label Printer

Rheo offers a range of hazardous areas label printer options for our Packout Station. This allows for convenient drum label printing right at the station.

  • Standard Label Printer
  • HAZLOC Label Printer

Mobile System

The Rheo Packout Station has a portable frame structure that can be easily transported into position under the application discharge pipe. Most systems offer fork-lift pockets to allow for easy long-distance transport using a fork lift or pallet truck.

Rheo Packout System (CL)

Rheo Testing Center

Testing Center

Rheo is able to do full mock-ups as well as containment performance verification in our Rheo Testing Center. Partner with our engineering team and we can produce a prototype system for your application and verify performance to build confidence in the implementation phase.