Process Isolators

Rheo has managed the material handling requirements for many pharmaceutical operations. Our familiarity with the equipment used in these processes allows us to provide single use containment isolators around this equipment. Containing the dust at the source of generation is the first step in a proper containment strategy. Single use containment isolators can be a great option for containing dusty processes.

Mini-Roller Compactor

Containment of a mini-roller compactor is provided by a flexible enclosure surrounding the compactor head while leaving the related motors, controls, and other components outside of the enclosure. A portable stainless steel frame and containment attachment flange is provided for attachment of the flexibles. Sleeves and bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) kits are provided for moving product and supplies in and out of enclosure. RheoPacs and Continuous Liners can be included for contained charging and discharging product.

Lab Scale V-Blender

Containment of a lab scale v-blender is provided by a flexible enclosure surrounding the entire machine. A portable stainless steel frame with a containment pan is used to attach the flexible enclosure. Sleeves and bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) kits are provided for charging, collection of product, and moving product and supplies in and out of enclosure.

Tablet Coater

Containment for a tablet coater is provided by one or two separate flexible enclosures attached to stainless steel containment flanges. One enclosure contains the pan access door and the second (optional) the exhaust filter access door. Stainless steel frames are used to attach the enclosures and bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) kits. Each enclosure is designed to include necessary gloves and bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) sleeves for a fully contained operation of the tablet coater.

Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator

Containment of a Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator (Glatt GPGC2 for example) is provided by two enclosures that allow for access to the dryer granulator bowl and the filters. Two flanges are added to the equipment that allow for attachment of the flexible enclosures. Cantilevered frames support the enclosures while offloading the dried powder and changing the filters. RheoCrimp technology is used for containment of the powders through a bag-in/bag-out BIBO kit and used filters during separation. The frame can be designed to be retracted and collapsed for storage.

Testing Center

Rheo is able to do full mock-ups as well as containment performance verification in our Testing Center. Partner with our engineering team and we can produce a prototype system for your application and verify performance to build confidence in the implementation phase.

Rheo Testing Center

Film Collage

RheoFlex Film

Rheo isolators are constructed from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (with a non-migratory anti-stat) that has been tested and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. These films are available in both matte and clear finish and come with a full documentation package tied to the labeled part number.