Part Numbers

Port Size Volume
Top Outlet 10L 20L 25L 40L 50L
4″ 4″ 4002639 4002641 4002643 4002645 4002647
4″ 6″ 4002649 4002651 4002653 4002655 4002657
4″ 8″ 4002659 4002661 4002663 4002665 4002667
6″ 4″ 4002669 4002671 4002673 4002675 4002677
6″ 6″ 4002679 4002681 4002683 4002685 4002687
6″ 8″ 4002689 4002691 4002693 4002695 4002697
8″ 4″ 4002699 4002701 4002703 4002705 4002707
8″ 6″ 4002709 4002711 4002713 4002715 4002717
8″ 8″ 4002719 4002721 4002723 4002725 4002727


* includes RheoPac, 2x Weloc Clamps, and 2x Dust Caps


Rheo Flexibles provides a wide range of single use transfer containers. The RheoPac family of products offer an excellent alternative to stainless intermediate transfer containers. The RheoPac can be designed with many valve and bag design configurations.


The RheoPac can be equipped with an integrated SoliValve® passive that will allow the RheoPac to dock to Visval SoliValve® dosing technology. This SoliValve® technology uses a split cone valve to provide automatic docking and high containment during powder transfer from the RheoPac to the receiving container.


MTS Dispensing Workstation

Rheo offers a GMP dispensing workstation for filling RheoPacs. This system has a built-in Drum Tipper as well as an integrated load cell system that allows for weighing directly into the RheoPac.

Transport Cart

Rheo can provide GMP transfer carts to provide an easy means to transfer the filled bags from the dispensing station to the transfer point downstream in the process.

RheoPac Transport Cart

Column Lift

Rheo can provide a GMP column lift that can be used to lift and position one or multiple RheoPacs into position above the receiving vessel.


Many accessories can be provided with our RheoPacs to create a complete high containment system, some of these accessories include:

  • Weloc Clamps
  • Tri-Lock Clamps
  • Gaskets

Film Collage

RheoFlex™ Film

RheoPacs are constructed from Polyethylene (with a non-migratory anti-stat) that has been tested and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. The film comes with a full documentation package tied to the labeled part number.

Testing Center

Rheo is able to do full mock-ups as well as containment performance verification in our Rheo Testing Center. Partner with our engineering team and we can produce a prototype system for your application and verify performance to build confidence in the implementation phase.

Rheo Testing Center